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released March 28, 2014



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Track Name: noon key
As routine grows so old, and your face is so young.
I’ll let you lure me. I’ll hold a desperation for your tongue,

I’ll give you my noon key, as long as you can make it there on time
It gets hard to believe, how we can be cold and alright all along.

I gather from what I see. We’ll be free from noon till one.
And I can never see any love, so I’ll have you in the same bed as she moans.

If you can keep a secret.

I’ll give you my noon key, as long as you can make it there on time
It gets hard to believe, how we can be cold and alright all along.
All along.
All along

#secret daughter
Track Name: dream island
I'll see you soon, not soon enough.
I'm stumblin', I'm throwing up.
Airport goodbye's, and heavy sighs.
I'm sleeping alone, and she's deprived.

Dream Island, I saw you again.
Did you design this? The Dream Island.

My phone is cracked, I have no car.
I'm playing video games, I've come so far.
The friendly gang, left the drug store.
We can stay away, but we want more.

Dream Island, well I saw you again
Did you design this?
This Dream Island?
Track Name: lotus flower
I won't control you.
It's just not what I do.
My life was hard once too.
I let it all roll off.

A call inside, this cat is caught between two lives.
If you are to stay here, I'll love you though your'e not mine.

Is your life getting hard?
It's not hard enough.
You've got hate and love,
You let it all roll off.

Lotus flower, by the water.
Secret sutra, becoming calmer.
To be a family, is a wonder,
Even for the Secret Daughter.

A call inside, a flash between two lives.
If you can't stay here, I love you though
you're not mine.
Track Name: listener
the box is held by a bright, red snapper.
let the court decide. they are pushed back.
each time they attack, they attack.
it's early mourning on, the old oak clock.
let us sing the last chorus.

the great lake is filled, by the clear creek.
kick the diamond hard and follow through.
an early worm snatched quick, over the fence.
hurry along the bank.

a large rod is used for, catching the salmon.
there was no response from, the young girl.
the coffee table is too high, for the couch so why can't I
take a rest for these tired eyes?

tonight i'll try.
i'll try...